Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ruthie Toothless at Thanksgiving

Madi didn't seem to have any problem eating turkey this Thanksgiving, even with her 2 front teeth missing. We travelled to Missouri to spend time with family. My grandpa is doing great and my cousin was a saint, playing with Madi and Clay all weekend.

Soccer Dad

The Dolphins soccer season has come to an end, we only lost 2 games, to the same team (they are secretly awesome) but a great season none the less. We had an after party at our house. The girls had fun on the four-wheeler and we played a game Corby invented called "egg drop." All the kids had a shot at dropping an egg on the coaches head, from the upstairs catwalk, it was hilarious.

Zoo, Zoo and more Zoo

Clayton and I sneak off to the zoo everytime the weather is nice during the week. This fall has been awesome, the animals are all out for viewing. Too bad Madi has to go to school, that sounds weird, but I am just used to having her for at least half of the day, all day school is different.. she is doing very well I might add. If your kids like to play on the computer, Starfall is awesome for all levels of new readers. She has really taken off this year in reading and math, always with her nose in a book.

Clayton's first haircut

Clay really needed a real haircut. My stylist was nice enough to chase him around the salon to get the job done. He looks so cute now!!

Before, when mom cut my hair...honestly mom!

After, how handsome am I?

Calling my girlfriends to tell them how cute I am with my new hair...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Weiner Roast

My aunt and uncle have a cookout every fall, here are some pics of my family by the was cold, perfect night. Clayton sat in my lap for more than 2 seconds!! That has only happened about 3 times..very exciting, he never wants to snuggle so I was eating it up.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ready for Christmas

I am already ready for Christmas, I am shopping today, it will not sneak up on me again!!!!!!!!!!! (I stress and procrastinate Christmas every year, and I am determined to not do it this year) This is my vow to now let the holidays take me down :)
PS BOOO to the time change, love it in the morning, hate it at 6pm when its dark and I want to go to bed at 7pm every night, it also cuts into the "let the kids run off of their energy outside" time, I need the sunshine as much as they do.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

No more vampire for me!

So Corby and I did a lot of soul searching and made an executive decision that I do not need to be working nights anymore. So, last night was my I get to work days like every other living mortal being. I am excited to join the land of the living and to be SLEEPING at night with my family instead of being up at the hospital working. I will just pick up one weekend day and work 2 days during the week, which gives me more time at home for all of Madi's activities during the week. I think this will be so much better for me and all of us. No more red eyes and fangs!!!!

What I looked and felt like after a typical night shift.

Monday, November 3, 2008

More Halloween pics...

The turtle got into some chocolate M&M's


Clayton riding in style.


We had a good Halloween, Madi was Snow White and Clayton a turtle. Madi was very hot and cold on the wig, it was on and off, she looked like Jan Brady with blonde hair poking out sometimes :) We went trick-or-treating, the kids liked to fight (Halloween meltdowns is what I call it) over who rang the doorbell and Madi spent half the night tattling about who didn't say thank you. The funniest thing she said was, "Let's go to this house, they are giving out FREE candy!" We laughed...

The little mouse...

Clayton getting his first taste of candy, now he points to the candy jar and screams for more, I had to hide it from him!

The lovely Snow White, that tooth is now gone, no front teeth!

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