Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Bathroom!!

Here is more of the new. The only thing I still want to do is add those cool bronzed fixtures that all the new houses have, I beebopped into Lowe's and found that they are $600 for 2 sinks and a bath!! I am going to try to scheme a way to take my gaudy gold fixtures and somehow make them look like the new ones, anyone know any chemists? :)

OLD Bathroom

Oh Boy! Here are some painful reminders of our 1997 bathroom, where maroon, hunter green and faux drapes and stripes came to die. We removed old wallpaper, retextured the walls, sanded, painted....THEN the cabinets needed a facelift, we primed, painted and antiqued the cabinets to make them look aged, it also hides dirt much better. There was a random round window that had this paper fan thing in it???? The fan went in the trash and Corby sprayed this stuff on it to make it hazy, so it lets light in but our neighbors can't see in. Then I spray painted anything that could be salvaged chocolate brown and the walls were painted silver sage (the Restoration Hardware color) Just for fun I recaulked EVERYTHING and I must say I am great at caulking, it is an art I have decided :) and painted the trim so everything looks new and clean. All in a day's work, ha ha, more like 4 months!!!!!


Make it stop!!


No more stripes!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Animal Paradise

More pics with animals. I attempted to get a cute pic of all of the kids in front of the barn, you can see how that went, ha ha. We also got to swim in the hotel pool, Madi is a fish as usual and Clay is getting the hang of it, he already jumps in to people in the pool and can hang on the rail and say "WEEEE."
I had a great visit with my mom after spring break. She did well with the stem cell transplant and is in the process of recovering. Medicine helps keep the side effects somewhat managable, but still very hard on the body. Our hope is that she recovers in the next couple of weeks and then gets to COME HOME for a little bit. Also, the master bath is still almost done......stay tuned for the final reveal tomorrow at 7:00/8:00 central...

Animal Paradise

We also went to Springfield, Missouri to Animal Paradise. You drive around and animals come right up to your car and eat out of your hand. There were cows, a camel, zebras, deer, goats and lots of other random animals. The camel was my favorite, she was so cute and put her entire head in the car. It was scary at first but cool when we got used to the large animal teeth and slobber. Corby made friends with a cow and Clayton loved it. Madi was in another car with our neighbors and they hung out and fed animals along the way. The buffalo had the longest tongue!!!!


Thankfully we had fabulous weather this spring break. We went to the zoo with Nana and Ivy and the kids. Madi and Clay had a great time with their cousins Zach and Hanna. They had a really cool dinosaur exhibit with moving parts. They were worn out after this day!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

When kids dress themselves

I swear I am not making this up. Clayton's new thing is getting into Madi's clothes and putting on skirts. We can't decide if it is more funny that he wears skirts or that they actually fit him. Here he is waiting patiently for lunch in his kilt, his great-grandpa is Scotish...

Here are the kids enjoying a warm day. Madi is a sharp shooter with her pink BB Gun and Clayton has learned how to jump on the trampoline, look at the concentration in the tounge.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When kids dress themselves

Madi picks out her own outfits for the most part, here is her goth/hip hop look. Clayton has learned to take off his pants, he put on some of Madi's shorts, both of his legs through one leg, and a random flip flop. Good new is he can't get his shirts over his big boy HEED.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ok I'm back

After a few deep breaths, I figured it out, I am SO not savvy on the internet or computer, I LOVE Cutest Blog on the Block, it IS easier to change backgrounds afterall :)


As I suspected, when I tried to get rid of LeeLou, I lost EVERYTHING.................................please be patient with me as this site is under construction. (I don't even have a layout tab anymore?? what???!!!!)

What am I doing?

Ok, I am in some weird world of Leelou Blog and Cutest blog on the block. If I clear all the Leelou blog stuff, will I lose everything??? HELP!!

Laura's Bday

Laura joined the 30 year old club like a big girl. We were discussing why your 30's aren't so finally live in a house that you love, you usually have a good job that you like and you don't hate work anymore, and best of all, you don't care what other people think about you anymore!!!! (the last one is my favorite)

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