Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kent and Morgan

Here are some of the wedding pics, they had some serious hiking to do!!! I think these are so pretty and I think this was such a cool way to get married. Again, Congrats to the new couple.

Friday, May 15, 2009

No broken bones here.....yet

So, Clay Clay escaped into the rain and mud yesterday, I chased him down, he was running away from me and falling in the mud, walloring, etc. When I finally wrangled him home, he was whining and holding his left arm and not using it. I thought "here goes, first broken bone" but amazingly, the xray didn't show anything and after about 2 hrs he was back in business. The Dr. thought maybe his elbow was out of place and it went back in on its own?? Who knows, but we are watching him, he is crawling, climbing and monkeying around like usual. I have this nagging feeling that this will not be the only broken bone scare. He is lucky to have made it this far!!! Very rough and tumble boy, I am trying to soften him up with this baby, he calls her "BEBE" and is very sweet with her...sometimes....when he's not kissing/biting her ear.

Madi had her 1st Grade awards yesterday, she got special awards for reading at least 25 books, being an accelerated reader, also in spelling and handwriting (she obviously didn't get my handwriting, ha ha) Clay and I were in the back of the room and when he spotted her he said "Maa-i" really loud and pointed, we are so proud of her!!

I hate all the rain, but it has paid off, our yard is green and everything is blooming...

I have fallen hard off of the P90X wagon, I am going to try to do it today outside, it is windy and nice and Clayton can play while I am working out, we'll see how it goes. I love not working, I wonder if they would give me a salary and benefits even though I stayed home???

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kent and Morgan's wedding reception

My brother got married in April to Morgan in Ponca, AR. They went with 4 close friends, hiked to a waterfall and got married. The pics were amazing, very beautiful part of AR, will try to post some soon... Anyway, her parents had a reception at their house, here are some pics. Welcome to the family Morgan, we love you!!!

Gigi and the new married couple

Cake in the face!

Clay Clay had lots of fun, he found a water fountain and got soaking wet, wallored in mud, took a bite of a carrot and then put the half eaten carrot into the cheese tray. Big night for a little guy, we know he is tired when he wants to snuggle...

Friday, May 1, 2009

"Spring Sing"

Madi's 1st grade class had a spring sing of sorts. They sang several songs, had props and did solos. Her solo consisted of 3 words "Audios, Cinammon Toast." She was in the car on the way and said she had "butterflies in my tummy." She was a little nervous, but did great!! We were happy Mimi could be there too.

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