Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

Monday, October 27, 2008

Em's Shower

I ventured to Lawrence to go the Emily's shower. She is a super cute pregnant girl and got about 8 million presents at her shower, I think she is good to go. Can't wait for little boy Clothier and all of the good times he will bring to Emily and Matty. It was awesome catching up with old friends too. This last pic is a relly cool building in Ottowa I think, I took it while I was driving SCARRY. I am proud to say I didn't get lost going there OR coming home...even though the scary round-a-bout tried to do me wrong. What is up with Kansas and round-a-bouts, in a not so round-a-bout way, I hate them.

Redbud Valley

We went hiking in Catoosa at a trail in Redbud Valley, we have been outdoorsy lately!! Clayton actually cooperated for 95% of the hike, happy to be in the backpack with daddy. Daddy's back was not so happy with 30 lbs. of big ol' boy, but we had fun.

Shepherd's Cross Pumpkin Patch

This is a pumpkin patch just north of Claremore, it is acutally someone's farm and they open it up to the public each fall. We went to a birthday party and had so much fun. They had a hayride, pumpkin patch, petting zoo, hay maze, story telling and face painting. Clayton had fun relocating all of the pumpkins of course :)


October is the BEST time for the zoo, the animals were all frisky (or "crispy" as Madi says) and the weather is perfect. We had a good time monkeying around with Mimi.

Neil Diamond

Corby and I went to see Neil at the BOK center, awesome place by the way. He was pretty good for an old dude :) We saw him about 6 years ago when Madi was in my belly. We did feel a little out of place at the concert as we do not need a walker, wheelchair or cane to get around....and yes, Corby wore a concert tee to the concert, but it was back when Neil had a hairy chest so several years old to say the least...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big Blue Whale

This is a landmark on Hwy 66, right outside of Claremore. Lots of people stop to look at this old 70's waterpark. I have lived here for most of my life, and never went to the blue whale. We went to play a few weekends ago....


Here are some pics of our front flower bed. All of my hard work, digging, weeding, mulching....I think Madi is trying to take all the credit :)

Brave Gore

Madi Moo got her ears pierced with her Nana. She looks like such a big girl..

Meow Luvin'

My cat Clairice loves to give Benson a bath, it is so cute..

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Soccer mom?

Madi had 3 goals out of 4 scored, not bragging....also scored the winning goal, ok now bragging. Her team is stepping up and doing awesome. One goal was so cool, she got tripped, and as she was falling she kicked it in, WHOOOOOO HOOOO! I have become the ultimate soccer mom, hollering and cheering and all stressed out during the game. All I need is a mini-van and a bigger butt and I would be good to go :)

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