Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


First off, I am impressed that all of you ladies with such busy lives are able to keep up with your blogs!! I, on the other hand, can't seem to keep up with anything. We have been crazy as usual. In November, Corby opened up a furniture store in downtown Claremore, it is a fun, older, small townish downtown, with, of course an orange storefront :) I would love to post a pic, but just posting this is troublesome at the moment with the couch gymnastics going on around me. You know how Dave always says "ALVINNNNNN!" You can imagine me as Dave saying "CLAYYYYTON!" Anyway, it is going well so far, people in Claremore are getting more and more resistant to driving to Tulsa, so we have had a lot of interest and several sales. I work the store randomly when I can, but mostly it's Corby's thing. I will still keep my nurse job for now, it's a sure thing :) Madi is still playing soccer and has taken on basketball in the off season and art classes through her school. Corby coaches soccer, football and basketball in his spare time. My mom is doing GREAT. She hosted Christmas this year and is doing so well, we are all so pleased and blessed!! She and my dad are enjoying retirement and the kiddos when they are healthy and not snot-nosed (the kids that is) Clayton is hilarious and as rough and tumble as they come. He has a new Robert Dinero face that is hysterical and enjoys running, crashing into things, climbing up the couch to blow out candles and torturing his sister and her friends. We got a go-cart for Christmas, so Corby and I FROZE as we took all of the kids on rides, it is really fun. I hardly find a minute to myself, I do really miss out on girl time, but it just seems almost impossible to get together sometimes with everything going on. We do have a girls night this Friday, hopefully I can make it!! Glad to see you are all well and someone needs to get married so we can all go to a wedding again!!! Love you all, miss you all, your children are adorable. Bye bye!! Renee

Friday, July 23, 2010

BYOP (Build your own pool)

What started in April has been drug out through July, ha ha, the neverending project. But, the kids have been enjoying the pool for a while now, they don't seem to mind the mess!! We still have to put a deck around the back of the pool, add some dirt and make the side of the yard pretty, and that's about it. I am trying to talk Corby into making a place to drop in a cooler (in the deck) so it can be like a swim up bar. Who needs Can Cun when you have Claremore :) We have enjoyed a new twist with the hot weather we like to call night swimming. It is much cooler and fun to see the moon and stars when we swim. Other than the manual labor, we have had a fun summer, here are a few more pics of Summer 10.

Poor Clay Clay, scared to death of the fireworks this year.

The neighborhood gang

A very pregnant Betsy and probably the cutest diaper cake I have ever made

My camera has this cool sketch feature, I think it is so cool, so far this has been the best pic

The begining of the demolition

The kids having all kinds of fun, swimming makes them SO tired, definitely a bonus :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Clay's 3rd & new pool

I can't believe my little man is 3!! We had a big Spongebob party with lots of family and friends. Clay got some really cool gifts "wheelies" or cars and trucks, a new wagon, boxing gloves, swim toys, etc. The kids had a great time. He is talking up a storm and climbing and being a rough and tumble little boy as usual.

Ok, so I was cruising Craigslist and found this fiberglass inground pool. I had a crazy idea that we could put it in ourselves for about 1/4 of the price of actually having a pool installed. One week later, there was a backhoe in my yard and the project officially started. Clay has been in heaven with the cool equipment around the house. So far we have put up a rock wall, dug the hole, put the pool in the hole (that wasn't pretty but it is in and still in one piece!), filled in most of the outside of the pool with dirt and sand and have the pump/pipes connected to the pool. I say "we" but Corby is the mastermind, his plan is really pretty with a rock wall, new wood deck, concrete patio around the pool, fire pit and 3 new landscaped areas. My contributions are digging, hauling bricks, digging and digging, good thing I am such a hoss :) Wish us luck with this incredibly huge do it yourself project, we will need it. We have done a lot of work so far, but there is much more to be go. Realistically, by the time it is really hot, the pool should be ready!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Madi's grade had a spring performance "Pen Pals" and she had a speaking part. She did great, remembered every line besides looking adorable in her cowgirl gear. It was pretty impressive, several of the second graders had speaking parts and one little girl played the violin and some kids danced the waltz, etc. It was fun to see her up on the stage.
We also had an awesome time at Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City over spring break. Very geared towards kids, obviously, and lots of fun. Splash pads, hot tubs, big slides, little slides, lazy river and giant tree house. The water park was good for all ages, from barely walking to teenagers. I was in the category of barely walking after two days....worn out but had a blast.

Madi's speaking part, she was "Stephanie"

The second graders

With Papa

Yeeee Haw!

The whole Family

This is just a random photo of Clay Clay and Hanna, hands down the best picture of them that has ever been taken!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Christmas....yes, Christmas :)

So better late than never!!! Here are some pics from the snow days and Christmas. We had all kinds of fun sledding and playing in the snow. The last week has been spent at the Dr.'s office, I feel your pain Ashley...Clayton had a sinus infection and Madi had strep and this awful stomach virus, twice, that has been taking down all kinds of kids at her school. Hopefully we are all done now!!!! I am tired of being tired, work all night, up with sick kids all day, then back to work... thankfully there is always an end to the sickness. My mom is home and doing wonderful, she just got her old job back and starts this month, amazing. We have finally started going to church, First United Methodist Church in Claremore. We really enjoy it and the kids like it as well. Every time we ask Clayton about church, he says "Chuch...donuts!" So he likes it for the food now, but I am sure he will get more out of it someday :)
This is funny, I put sponge rollers (remember those?) in Madi's hair the other night, she went to school with big bouncy curls and her teacher called her Taylor Swift all day, now she wants a perm :)
Please say a special prayer for my neighbors, the Orf's. I have had pics of their kiddo's now and then on the blog, Jason, the dad, is fighting colon cancer, he is my age, 33, and this has been a shock, but he is fighting hard and doing as best as can be expected. We love their family and are praying hard for them every day.
Hope you and all of your families are healthy and well.
Miss blogging!!!

Clay Clay and Hanna, she is so cute

Hanna and I trying to stay warm

The girls me, Madi, Nana, Ivy and Hanna

Clay Clay and Benson in the snow

The only time she's been an angel lately....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year

Well, we survived the holidays. Had lots of plans to travel to Missouri to see my family, but they were cut short with the weather, we got snowed in at Corby's parents which was actually nice because we got to relax and enjoy Christmas. The kids were spoiled rotten, Madi's big gift was a Nintendo DSI and pink John Deere cowboy boots, she also got books, clothes and a whoopie cushion. Clayton got a drum set with symbols and that's all he wanted to do was crash symbols during the gift opening :) He also got a ton of "wheelies" or cars to play with, clothes, books and a pair of boxing gloves which he used to tag his Papa Rusty in the head while he was sitting nicely in the recliner. We have so much to be thankful for this year. Our best gift was welcoming Mimi home right around Christmas. It has been a year since her treatment began and after many complications, everything is looking good and she should be able to begin a maintenance program. She looks and feels good and is thrilled to put all of this behind her and go on with life.
Clayton's caregiver since he was 3 months old, Diane, is starting student teaching this year so we have enrolled him in daycare. So far so good, he will go on Mon, Tues and Fridays and the first two days went well, he pee pees in the potty and plays well with the other kids. I will keep my fingers crossed that this will be an easy transition. He was so pumped up to go the first day, he had his hair spiked and his backpack on, he was however, disappointed that he was not getting on the "bool-bus."

Friday, December 18, 2009

Rule's for Madi's room

Ok, I came across this list and couldn't stop laughing. I seem to remember a bossy little friend (Alyson) who also had "room rules" growing up. You will see Corby coming out in my daughter with a few of these rules. So, here they are just as she wrote them.
Rule's for Madi's room
1. I don't allow talkind about OU inleas your saying it suckx
2. Keep my room clean
3. no food in my room
4. please pick up befor leaving the room
5. If you have trash, I have a little trash can
6. you can not talk to me when I am pooping or buzzy.
knok befor coming in please
thank you

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