Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

Monday, September 29, 2008

Naked Boy

Why so many naked pics of Clay Clay?? He LOVES being naked. Poor Madi is sick, so she gets to watch whatever she wants, of course, Hanna Montana is her #1 choice. Clayton loves the theme song music and always breaks out in dance. This time he took off his diaper and we found him jammin' out naked. Here he is with Corby on the back porch watching the Hanna Montana episode, notice the little butt crack...


Jude and Clay having fun going round and round....

Tulsa State Fair

Madi and Clay at the petting zoo

Madi feeding some random fuzzy headed animal, she tells me its a llama?

Waiting to ride the dragon roller coaster

Playing $5 carney games and winning 5 cent prizes


Madison is doing awesome in soccer this year. She has scored a goal in every game, 5 goals total. We have a good little team the Dolphins and Corby is the coach. I will get some action shots later, but here is Madi being a team captain.

Clayton's new game

Clayton has taken the "I drop it, you pick it up" game to a whole new level, literally. He drops toys from the catwalk into the living room. Corby is usually the target...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Barrett's going away party

Our beloved friends Shannon, Katie, Avery and Jack Barrett are moving to Denver soon :( We have all been friends since college and have spent the last few years sharing new children, new houses, new jobs and unfortunately this new job of Shannon's takes them to Denver. I am so excited for them starting their new life, but they will be missed!!!! Here are some pics from the party we had at Ritchie's ranch, it was an Urban Cowboy theme, with everyone wearing pearl snap shirts. Yes, we secretly still have theme "date parties." This one was too fun, my brother and his roomate Kellen played AWESOME music, there was a Dolly Parton look-a-like contest and I was the only contestant, so I won!! Corby and Sam "Santa Fe" really classed the party up with WT pearl snaps with the sleeves cut off. This is a family website, so I spared the details of the beer bong, which we all mastered, ha ha. Thank goodness for overnight babysitters and an overnight sleepover at the ranch.
Best wishes to the Barrett's, don't think we won't be visiting you in Denver!!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Kellen and Angie, the guitarist and his wife or groupie :)

Anyone have tickets to the gun show?

Ritchie and Amber, this is a cute pic of these two...

The cowgirls...

Kent and Morgan, he played the upright bass and she is an awesome groupie as well...

Barrett's going away party...

Mandi, Dolly and Katie, the guest of honor

Megan, Katie and Sam in his sweet Santa Fe pearl snap

Barrett's going away party...

Kim and Blake, another cute pic

Sam, Ritchie and Shannon double-fisting early in the evening

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It was awfully quiet in my house, that should have been my first clue....I went into the bathroom to find the following.....those of you that lived with me in college know how much I love baby powder, ha ha!

Here are the footprints at the scene of the crime.

I witnessed this man fleeing the scene....

However, he was unavailable for questioning, he was making an important phone call.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wallpaper from HE*%^&

Ok, here is the terrible wallpaper in my master bath. It has really been on my mind lately, who picked it out, Why? When was it ever cool to have faux draping?? I'll tell you when 1997, when people were wallpapering fools! I am taking it down to Chinatown, say goodbye to this travesty....I'll keep you updated as the Trading Spaces demolition begins.
PS I have already dewallpapered my powder room and dining room (MORE terrible stips and faux mauve sponge paint, agh!) it was a lot of hard work, but worth it. I will need something to motivate me because home remodels are much more trying with a 16 month old. As I took down wallpaper in the dining room, Clayton ate it like a took about 4 months to complete....

Blue Grass Festival

We went to the Blue Grass and Chili Festival with our neighbors this weekend, taking in the local flavor.....

Madi and Lundyn in the caboose, the conductor told Madi she may have to pedal, he said the pedals were by the TV, she actually spent about 2 minutes looking for the TV and the pedals

Zander in the train...

Daddy and Clayton enjoying some ice cream.

Can somebody put a fork in him? He's done.

OSU and Grand Lake weekend

We had an OSU watch party on Labor Day weekend and then went to the lake, wearing ourselves out as usual :) Here are some pics from the weekend...

Booties and bellies, how cute are they? I look similar to this naked, but it's not so cute when you are 31 :)

Madi, Zach and Zander paddleboating at the lake

I told her if I hit her back her face would stay like this....

"The Firestarters" Does this not look like an EMO album cover?? They were proud of helping by gathering wood for the fire. PS they really were not that close, it's just the angle of the pic I swear!!

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