Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

Friday, July 23, 2010

BYOP (Build your own pool)

What started in April has been drug out through July, ha ha, the neverending project. But, the kids have been enjoying the pool for a while now, they don't seem to mind the mess!! We still have to put a deck around the back of the pool, add some dirt and make the side of the yard pretty, and that's about it. I am trying to talk Corby into making a place to drop in a cooler (in the deck) so it can be like a swim up bar. Who needs Can Cun when you have Claremore :) We have enjoyed a new twist with the hot weather we like to call night swimming. It is much cooler and fun to see the moon and stars when we swim. Other than the manual labor, we have had a fun summer, here are a few more pics of Summer 10.

Poor Clay Clay, scared to death of the fireworks this year.

The neighborhood gang

A very pregnant Betsy and probably the cutest diaper cake I have ever made

My camera has this cool sketch feature, I think it is so cool, so far this has been the best pic

The begining of the demolition

The kids having all kinds of fun, swimming makes them SO tired, definitely a bonus :)

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