Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

Friday, December 18, 2009

Rule's for Madi's room

Ok, I came across this list and couldn't stop laughing. I seem to remember a bossy little friend (Alyson) who also had "room rules" growing up. You will see Corby coming out in my daughter with a few of these rules. So, here they are just as she wrote them.
Rule's for Madi's room
1. I don't allow talkind about OU inleas your saying it suckx
2. Keep my room clean
3. no food in my room
4. please pick up befor leaving the room
5. If you have trash, I have a little trash can
6. you can not talk to me when I am pooping or buzzy.
knok befor coming in please
thank you

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So big!

Sometimes you just have to see pictures of your kiddos to realize how fast they are growing up. Clay is losing his baby fat and thinning out, he actually has a neck now. We are about 89% pee pee potty trained and about 5% poo poo potty trained. Using candy "lilly" as an incentive has helped a lot. Madi has her big girl chicklets and has lost 7 teeth and reads chapter books. We are thrilled to have Mimi home for Thanksgiving, she looks great!! Hopefully she will get to come home for good in Dec. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"A" gun rack

I am obviously cohabitating with a man when my master bedroom has a gun rack, and yes, Corby has not "a" gun, but many guns that necessitate an entire gun rack....

But, I think the rest of the room is pretty...

Don't mind me taking this, ha ha!!


Clayton is talking more and more, but he has some random names for certain things. Pancakes are "daytays" milk is "milshhhhh" motorcycles are "atoosh"??? and Horses are "boobies" can imagine his excitement and commentary at the aquarium when we visited the sea horse exhibit.

Clayton's favorite "Boobie" in our neighborhood, this is a very friendly Boobie

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rock Star

One of the golfer's, Clayton, has this amazing eye and a great camera to go with it. He got some awesome pics, I am so jealous of his talent (and camera)

The real Rock Star in the background, there were plenty of wannabe's as the night went on :)


Madi stealing a moment with Mimi

Benson or "Rally Rag" as I call him because he is always carrying something in his mouth, I love this dog

Clay Clay making sure his "Elmo" or cell phone is safe in his pocket

I love this pic of Madi, she was rockin'!!

Little guy having fun on the bike

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Golf Tournament Pics

Here are some pics from our great day.
Are they cute or what?

I love that 4 Phi Mu's are in this pic...Betsy, Laura, Whitney and Jodi

Madi trying to squeeze in a solo

Kent, Kellen and Brian playing, they were great, lots of fun listening to them.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Golf Tournament

Oh wow, there is so much to say. We had a fabulously successful tournament on 9/11, a much better way to remember that day in my opinion. The weather was awesome and 25 golf teams drove all the way to Verdigris to golf. My mom made it through 9 holes, took a party break, and then finished up on 18. Corby had all of the golfers wait on the 18th hole to watch her putt in the final ball. I could not make it as I was planning party central, but everyone said it was cool. Then everyone came to our house (probably about 100 people) for appetizers, a shrimp boil, a silent auction, live music and fun. We turned our back yard into a party place with tiki torches, a giant tent set with a bar with bartenders, Tyler and Zach our neighbors, and a band (my brother and his friends). Kent, Kellen and Brian were amazing as usual, I wish I could watch him play more often. Morgan made amazing signs for the hole sponsorships and flyers to help us get donations. Nana and her friend Loretta cooked and slaved with me all day in preparation and Betsy helped with all of the last minute preparations and the silent auction. Whitney, Lezly, Karen and Jodi all brought food for the masses. Many of our family, friends, etc. donated items for the auction (I think we raised over $2,000 just with the auction) Corby was the mastermind behind it all and got the tornament organized and supplied all of the chairs, ha ha! As you can see, this event could not have happened without all of our wonderful family and friends who gave their support in many different ways. My mom and dad were amazed at all of the support. We had golfers from Chicago (Mom's work friends) and family from Kansas and Washington DC in attendance. It was a perfect day we will never forget. I will get pictures posted soon (this awesome guy with a great eye and a great camera got some AMAZING pictures) and a total amount of contributions posted....we are taking a break for now and trying to get our house cleaned, that is a laugh. Thank you to all, it was an awesome day!!!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fall, here we come!

We were outside all day today and not hot!! I was actually cold tonight, we have a lot to look forward to this fall. Mom's golf tournament is coming along well, I think we will have 23 teams total, lots of cool prized donated and great hole sponsorship. She is feeling good after this last round of chemo, so I expect her to be home and able to come to the event. We are going to have a big gathering at our house, lots of people, my brother is going to play and we are having an auction and shrimp boil, thank goodness for good friends and family, we should be able to pull it off!! Madi is doing great in school, hops on the bus every day and is reading and writing so well, it is amazing the difference between 1st and 2nd graders. She is back into soccer, games start in Sept. We also got 2 season tickets to the OSU games, so we'll have to go grown-ups only or Madi and Daddy in the nosebleed section :) Termites are under control and I am going to start picking up random shifts through a staffing agency just to see what's out there and learn more about different areas of nursing. I am thinking only 1 or 2 a month for now. Clay Clay is potty training, it is hilarious. Here are some random places we have found poop: on a hair brush on the floor, on top of the toilet seat, and in his "nundies" Ha ha, we have a long way to go, but he is getting into it. He is talking more and knows some colors and body parts, eyes, nose, weiner, weiner, weiner....

Monday, August 10, 2009


It's so terrible to blog without pics. But, must fix really expensive termite issue before new camera, grown up priorities suck! We have had the best summer. Went to Houston to visit my aunt and uncle, very wonderful hostess, we got to go to Papadeux's, YUM! The kids loved the beach and went to some cool museums in downtown Houston, they have a brand new children's museum we will hit next year. We look over at Clay on the beach, he is saying "Weiner, Weiner, Weiner...." and grabbing his, well, you know for all the families at Stewart Beach to see. One word...B-O-Y!! We are also gearing up for school to start, Madi will be in second grade and got the teacher she wanted Mrs. Wright. Soccer starts soon and then the golf tourney planning is in full swing. One random day I painted my bedroom brown it is really pretty and matches the color of dirty little hands, so no worries on the stains on the wall :) I also found an awesome brown comforter, dust ruffle, 6 pillows online for $96, there are some deals to be had out there!!! is all I have to say. So, I will be busy this fall, but will try to get back on the blog scene....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Madi's new room

Nana decided to redecorate Madi's room for her birthday. The walls were looking pretty sad, it was a boy's room previously and you could see the wear and tear. We put on a new coat of green, ceilings and all in one day, that is one for the record books!!! She also got new curtains and new bedspreads, very colorful and bright. It looks so fun and cute and new, thank you Nana!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Camera Challenged

Ok, I am so sad to have 2 digital cameras bite the dust after 6 months. They just stop working because the camera won't open??? Any suggestions?? I secretly want a good camera that will stand the test of time and that I can take good pictures of the kids with. This girl is not rich but I am willing to save for a few months if it means I can have a camera that lasts longer than a haircut :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

More Clay Clay pics

See Ya!! One of his favorite things to say when he waves at cars and boats

Clay Clay's 2 year old pics

Hello!! Here are some pics my cousin Emily took of Clayton, he is VERY hard to photograph because of his constant monkeying, but she managed to get some cute pics of his bluest eyes and blondest hair. Sorry such a slacker, Clay broke my wireless air card, so I was out of service for a while. Corby and I are also trying to put together a golf tournament for my mom, and are having a big garage sale and going to Kelsey's wedding, so we are randomly busy right now. Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pirate Dance and Mouse Dance

Tap Dance to "The Pirate Song" from Peter Pan. Madi is 3rd from the right, or the tall girl :) This one is long but some of her tap moves are pretty good, she has a very enthusiastic "ARGH!" Ballet dance to "The Work Song" from Cinderella, still 3rd from the right, this one is cute, I was pretty close.

Madi's 2nd Dance Recital

Madi did an excellent job in "The Work Song" and "The Pirate Song" Here are some pics of the backstage preparations, I was pretty proud of the ballerina bun, she jumped and hopped around all night and that bun never moved!!1

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kent and Morgan

Here are some of the wedding pics, they had some serious hiking to do!!! I think these are so pretty and I think this was such a cool way to get married. Again, Congrats to the new couple.

Friday, May 15, 2009

No broken bones here.....yet

So, Clay Clay escaped into the rain and mud yesterday, I chased him down, he was running away from me and falling in the mud, walloring, etc. When I finally wrangled him home, he was whining and holding his left arm and not using it. I thought "here goes, first broken bone" but amazingly, the xray didn't show anything and after about 2 hrs he was back in business. The Dr. thought maybe his elbow was out of place and it went back in on its own?? Who knows, but we are watching him, he is crawling, climbing and monkeying around like usual. I have this nagging feeling that this will not be the only broken bone scare. He is lucky to have made it this far!!! Very rough and tumble boy, I am trying to soften him up with this baby, he calls her "BEBE" and is very sweet with her...sometimes....when he's not kissing/biting her ear.

Madi had her 1st Grade awards yesterday, she got special awards for reading at least 25 books, being an accelerated reader, also in spelling and handwriting (she obviously didn't get my handwriting, ha ha) Clay and I were in the back of the room and when he spotted her he said "Maa-i" really loud and pointed, we are so proud of her!!

I hate all the rain, but it has paid off, our yard is green and everything is blooming...

I have fallen hard off of the P90X wagon, I am going to try to do it today outside, it is windy and nice and Clayton can play while I am working out, we'll see how it goes. I love not working, I wonder if they would give me a salary and benefits even though I stayed home???

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