Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Christmas....yes, Christmas :)

So better late than never!!! Here are some pics from the snow days and Christmas. We had all kinds of fun sledding and playing in the snow. The last week has been spent at the Dr.'s office, I feel your pain Ashley...Clayton had a sinus infection and Madi had strep and this awful stomach virus, twice, that has been taking down all kinds of kids at her school. Hopefully we are all done now!!!! I am tired of being tired, work all night, up with sick kids all day, then back to work... thankfully there is always an end to the sickness. My mom is home and doing wonderful, she just got her old job back and starts this month, amazing. We have finally started going to church, First United Methodist Church in Claremore. We really enjoy it and the kids like it as well. Every time we ask Clayton about church, he says "Chuch...donuts!" So he likes it for the food now, but I am sure he will get more out of it someday :)
This is funny, I put sponge rollers (remember those?) in Madi's hair the other night, she went to school with big bouncy curls and her teacher called her Taylor Swift all day, now she wants a perm :)
Please say a special prayer for my neighbors, the Orf's. I have had pics of their kiddo's now and then on the blog, Jason, the dad, is fighting colon cancer, he is my age, 33, and this has been a shock, but he is fighting hard and doing as best as can be expected. We love their family and are praying hard for them every day.
Hope you and all of your families are healthy and well.
Miss blogging!!!

Clay Clay and Hanna, she is so cute

Hanna and I trying to stay warm

The girls me, Madi, Nana, Ivy and Hanna

Clay Clay and Benson in the snow

The only time she's been an angel lately....

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Matthew and Emily Clothier said...

We have missed you! Sorry everyone has been sick! And I'm so glad to hear the great news about your mother! What a great post Christmas present!
And we have been going to church, every now and then, too! And it's the Methodist Church here! How funny!

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